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AERO-ECO Spray Booth

Introducing the AERO-ECO Spray Booth.
Elevating Efficiency and Economy in Car Spray Booths.
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Engineered for precision and performance, the AERO-ECO spray booth is the epitome of excellence in automotive finishing. Designed with a keen focus on innovation and cost-effectiveness, this exceptional spray booth stands as a testament to cutting-edge engineering.
Crafted to redefine industry standards, the AERO-ECO boasts dynamic air moving plant technology that ensures optimal airflow, resulting in an unparalleled painting environment. Through meticulous design, we've harnessed the power of an energy-efficient control system that guarantees ultra-low running costs, a factor that sets the AERO-ECO spray booth apart from the competition.
Step into the expansive cabin of the AERO-ECO spray booth – a testament to modular single 'skin' or double 'skin' bright galvanized steel panels. These panels not only ensure durability but also provide a spacious workspace illuminated by excellent lighting, enhancing the precision of every stroke.
With wide access component doors, seamless maneuverability is at your fingertips, ensuring effortless handling of various workpieces. The rear chest extraction system, combined with a compact air handling plant, creates an environment where painting prowess knows no bounds. Say goodbye to the need for expensive underground extraction pits – the AERO-ECO spray booth's rear extraction chest eliminates this requirement, affording you the flexibility of easy relocation.
The tunnel airflow design, meticulously integrated into the AERO-ECO's blueprint, redefines paint over spray management. During spraying operations, the tunnel design ensures exceptional mist clearance, resulting in immaculate finishes. Additionally, the uniformity of air temperatures during both spray and bake modes guarantees consistent and flawless results.
Elevate your automotive finishing endeavors with the AERO-ECO spray booth, where innovation meets efficiency, and precision becomes a norm. Experience the future of car spray booths with an investment that promises not only exceptional results but also unmatched economy in operation. Choose the AERO-ECO spray booth – where excellence takes flight.
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AERO-MIDI Spray Booth

Discover Precision and Innovation with the AERO-MIDI Car Spray Booth.
Redefining Excellence in Automotive Finishing
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Step into the realm of automotive excellence with the AERO-MIDI Car Spray Booth. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cutting-edge solution sets a new standard for precision and innovation in the industry.
The AERO-MIDI boasts a spacious cabin meticulously constructed using modular double ‘skin’ insulated panels. These panels, crafted from bright galvanised steel, offer not only robust durability but also excellent thermal retention, ensuring a controlled and efficient painting environment. With Rockwool insulation enhancing heat retention and sound dampening, the AERO-MIDI provides a haven of precision where every stroke of your craft is met with exceptional clarity and focus.
Embracing forward-thinking design, the AERO-MIDI showcases a rear chest extraction system that eliminates the need for costly underground extraction pits. This innovative approach not only streamlines installation but also grants the flexibility of relocation, ensuring your operational needs are met without compromise.
The tunnel airflow design of the AERO-MIDI is a testament to its commitment to flawless finishes. This ingenious design not only guarantees excellent paint over spray mist clearance during spraying operations but also ensures uniform air temperatures in both spray and bake modes. The AERO-MIDI’s airflow versatility makes it an ideal companion for water-based paint systems, amplifying its functionality and versatility.
Elevate your automotive finishing endeavours with the AERO-MIDI Car Spray Booth, where precision, innovation, and efficiency converge to redefine the very essence of perfection. Experience a new era of automotive craftsmanship where every detail matters, and excellence is more than just a goal – it’s a standard.
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AERO-MAXI Spray Booth

Unveiling the AERO-MAXI Spray Booth Oven.
Elevating Paint Application Precision to Unprecedented Heights
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Prepare to embark on a journey of unparalleled paint application excellence with the AERO-MAXI Spray Booth Oven. This high-specification masterpiece is engineered to redefine your expectations, offering an exceptional environment for diverse paint applications and low-bake curing operations.
The grandeur of the AERO-MAXI’s spacious cabin unfolds through modular double ‘skin’ fully insulated panels, designed to guarantee an environment of uncompromised quality. These panels, crafted from pre-coated polyester steel, exude sophistication both internally and externally, providing an aesthetic enhancement that aligns seamlessly with your pursuit of excellence. Beyond aesthetics, the integration of Rockwool insulation ensures impeccable heat retention, while sound dampening properties create an atmosphere of precision, where each stroke of your craft is met with unwavering focus.
In a visionary move, the AERO-MAXI leverages a rear chest extraction system, obliterating the need for costly underground extraction pits. This innovation not only streamlines installation but also lends the freedom of relocation, ensuring your operational needs remain agile and adaptable.
The heartbeat of the AERO-MAXI is its tunnel airflow design, meticulously crafted to deliver superior paint over spray mist clearance during spraying operations. This dedication to excellence extends to uniform air temperatures, both during spray and bake modes, ensuring consistently exceptional results. The high air flow and integral flash-off mode mark the AERO-MAXI as an ideal companion for water-based paint systems, further elevating its prowess and versatility.
Unlock a new realm of paint application precision and redefine the very essence of excellence with the AERO-MAXI Spray Booth Oven. Experience innovation that resonates with your aspirations, where every stroke is a masterpiece and every finish is an embodiment of perfection.
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