Additional Equipment and Optional Extras

Additonal Equipment

Extraction Mixing Bench
Our paint mixing room features an essential extraction mixing bench, designed to effectively capture paint fumes. Equipped with a direct-drive centrifugal fan, this bench seamlessly connects to the current extraction system, ensuring optimal fume control for operators right at the source.
Compressed Air Regulator
A compressed air regulator for spray booths is specifically engineered to maintain a consistent and controlled air pressure supply. Its primary purpose is to ensure precision in spray painting applications, preventing fluctuations in air pressure that could lead to uneven coatings or overspray. By delivering a stable airflow, it enhances the quality and efficiency of paint or coating processes, resulting in a smoother and more professional finish while reducing material waste.
Rowley Spray Booth takes pride in being a prominent UK distributor of Abac Air Compressors, renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. Abac Air Compressors serve a diverse range of industries with precision and reliability, making them a preferred choice for various applications. These compressors are purpose-built to deliver consistent and high-quality compressed air, ensuring optimal performance in spray booths and beyond. With advanced engineering and technology, Abac Air Compressors offer efficient and dependable air supply, vital for achieving impeccable finishes in painting and coating processes. Abac’s range includes models suitable for various scale operations, from small-scale workshops to industrial facilities, catering to specific air volume and pressure requirements. Whether it’s for automotive refinishing, woodworking, or manufacturing, Abac Air Compressors stand as a trusted solution, enhancing productivity and delivering impeccable results.
Gun Cleaners
Rowley Spray Booth is the UK’s foremost distributor of UNIC products, specialising in Spray Gun Cleaners, Solvent Recyclers, Can Crushers, and Paper Compactors. These innovative solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and sustainability. Spray Gun Cleaners ensure spotless equipment for optimal performance. Solvent Recyclers save resources by reprocessing solvents. Can Crushers reduce waste volume, promoting eco-friendliness. Paper Compactors streamline disposal, minimising environmental impact. Trust UNIC for top-notch equipment that not only improves functionality but also contributes to a greener, more responsible workflow.
Paint Mixing Room Heaters
Our ATEX 6013X certified paint mixing room heater safeguards paint products from chilling conditions. It offers versatile installation options for horizontal floor or wall mounting, with the added choice of an optional flameproof room thermostat for precise temperature control.
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Optional Extras

Track and Skate System
Enhance your refinishing process with Rowley’s innovative track and skate system. Effortlessly move vehicles sideways for optimal accessibility. Our durable hollow section steel skates, featuring ball bearing wheels in our brand colors, ensure seamless vehicle motion. Choose surface or flush mounting. Elevate your efficiency today – contact us for details.
Alloy Wheel Booth
Upgrade your refinishing capabilities with our premium free-standing alloy wheel booths. Designed for seamless repair and painting of alloy wheels, these booths feature easy-glide rollers for effortless wheel handling. Achieve precision with 45° and 360° rotation settings. Elevate your wheel refinishing – contact us to explore this invaluable optional extra.
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